We are all a pattern, different from each other,  with color, scent and taste. 
With this awareness, we, complete it with a unique, timeless,  creativity...

Maybe that’s why ever since I’ve known myself, I worked on various elements and criterias.  The more I discovered the more I wanted to achieve, with greater, ambition...

It’s a period dates back to childhood, first as an amateur, then at a bigger scale, I was always creating something. 
When I completed my fine arts education, I understood my mission, to adapt my thoughts and create , to describe what I want to say without words, to make people think ...

Matter, in any form, carrying traces of me, having a story, becomes so much fun, 
makes me forget all difficulties in manufacturing.

When I first decided to do the manufacturing, I remember people saying ‘manufacturing is difficult, it’s not as easy as it looks, you should do the design and leave it that way’. 
The reason I didn’t leave it is because I wanted to get the exact result I wanted. 
Of course I wouldn’t want to forget the support and help of my crew. I’m so glad they exist, I’ m very happy to have worked with them. 

For hours and hours, producing art and designs gives me a feeling like I’m holding a new born babe in my arms.If you think about it, every object is a being, 
with love and thrill.

Manufacturing the objects could only be done by love. Despite the conditions effecting the creativity and the productivity in a negative way, to work non-stop and to contunivity 
is the other part of the work.

I’m thankful for the each particle that creates me. 
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